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When the opportunity arises and I have a camera, I take videos of bugs or other things that I see. This page will link the videos that I think might interest those who visit donnayoung.org.

The two photographs below are of the same monarch butterfly hanging on to its chrysalis shortly after emerging.

Nature Videos

The Nature Videos are on various pages, some pages have more than one video. (Unfortunately, most of my bug movies no longer play and the pages have been removed.)

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  • link to videoSpined Soldier Bug Movies - 2 videos
  • link to videoMonarch Butterfly Emerging - 2 videos
  • link to videoMonarch Butterfly #3 - 4 videos
  • link to video1st Bug Movie - 1 Animated Gif
  • link to videoBumblebee Nest - 1 video
  • link to videoPlaying Dead, by a False Potato Beetle - 1 video

Two Images from the Spined Soldier Bug Movies





Related (not videos)

Spined Soldier Bug
Blog entry that I have added to DY contains images of the bugs and the eggs that I took through my microscope. Note: The bugs in 2nd instar stage in the images at the blog.

wingCapture Images of a Specimen through a Microscope
This page explains how to take digital photographs of specimens that are on slides through your microscope.

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