The Forms that Every Homeschool Planner Might Need

Some forms seem essential for the homeschool planner. These are homeschool forms that provide a record of several aspects of your children's educational studies and forms that makes your day a little easier. I will list links, homeschool form names, and why the planner forms are helpful.

Donna Young's List of Essential Homeschool Planner Forms & Where to Get Them

  1. Homeschool Planner Title PageTitle Page: Useful for noting the school year, whom the planner is for (when it is designated to one child), and for adding a personal touch by placing photograph or drawing on the cover. Use your word processor to make one or ask your children to make one. Pictured on the right is a title page that my daughter made for her planner cover sheet.
  2. A School Calendar: Initial planning of the school year [see also: Calendars at].
  3. Event Calendars: Use to record events such as appointments, field trips, and classes that take place outside of the home.
  4. An Attendance Calendar: Useful if you need to report attendance to your cover school. [see also DY's Grades & Attendance]
  5. Course of Study: Useful if you have to turn this information in to your cover school and for directing your child's education. Optional: Read my thoughts on the High School Course of Study.
  6. Goals and Objectives: Useful for planning and remembering all sorts of goals and for making short term objectives. Goals do not have to be only school related. It is your duty as a parent to teach the whole person so be sure to make character goals!
  7. Curriculum Key: Essential for the weekly planner notebook.
  8. Book List Forms: For keeping track of books in several ways.
  9. Checklist: Essential to the Subject Planner and my children's favorite form, see also the spreadsheet versions: Checklist II and Deluxe Checklist.
  10. Grades Forms: Useful if you need to keep track of test scores and other grades.
  11. Household Cleaning Forms: Useful if you want to include household chore lists in your homeschool planner. These forms are found in Household > Full-size > Home.
  12. Meal Planning Forms: You are going to be very busy so do yourself a favor and make some basic meal plans. Meal Planner forms are in Household > Full-size > Kitchen
  13. Journal Forms: Useful if you need a place to record reminders; a place to write inspirational essays, phrases, or poems; a place for devotionals; or any other type of miscellaneous items.
  14. Outside Activities: Useful if you take your planner with you to homeschool meetings.
  15. Forms for Homeschool Lesson Plans: The forms for lesson plans are the main part of the planner. At you will find several types of forms for lesson plans, which brings us to the rest of the homeschool planner guide. Your choice of lesson plan forms will define the type of planner you are making. See the guide links (Weekly Planner, Subject Planner, Journal Planner, and Timer) posted in the top menu for information about the homeschool lesson planner types.

Additional Papers that I Found Useful to Keep in My Planner

In addition to many of the forms listed above, I found it useful, during certain years related to the ages of my children, to have copies of certain printouts in several subjects. Some examples of papers that I found handy are:

Math: Facts Drill

During the time my children were memorizing math facts, I selected and printed several drill sheets to keep in my planner. At I have Math Fact Drills in various stages of difficulty in the Math section at Math Facts Drill Sheets.

English: Lined Composition Paper

During the time my children were learning how to write an expository paper, I kept several copies of my specially designed lined composition paper in my planner. The paper is designed for teacher's commenting and error marking. At Using the Composition Filler Paper -- Composition Filler Paper see a real example of the composition paper in use and print the composition filler paper.

Art: Drawing Lessons and Other Art Related Forms

I kept several art related forms in my planner throughout the years. Look over my Art Section to see if I have anything that you might need. You will find printable files under these headings: Grades, The popular Drawing, Color, Crafts, Books, The EXTREMELY popular Comic, and Story Paper.

History and Other Classes: Taking Notes

I kept a master copy of my note taking forms. The forms are in History.

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