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housework master listFrom Household you may print household planner refill pages for two different planner notebook binder sizes, full sized and half-sized. To see what is available, choose your planner binder size from the menu above

Full-Sized Household Planner

In the Full-Sized Planners you will find printable files that print on 8.5" x 11" printer paper. The pages from this section fit into a full sized binder.

Half-Sized Household Planner

In the Half-Sized Planners you will find printable files that print on 8.5" x 11" printer paper. HOWEVER, after printing, the paper should be cut in half resulting in 5.5" x 8.5" pages that fit in certain binders.

Purse-Sized Booklet

At Purse-Sized Booklet you will find instructions and doc files for printing an 8th-size booklet. The doc files, being editable, allows you to feature your favorite item on the cover.

Latest in Household

2024 Half-Sized Dated Block Planner

The dated 2024 Half-Sized Block Planner refills are ready and uploaded. These files are designed to be printed on a regular sized printer paper, then cut in half.

chore makerDonna Young's Chore Maker

Stop the Train! It's a chore maker. This is a spreadsheet made in two formats, XLS & ODS. With it you can enter up to 8 people. You can generate two types of chore charts - One is calendar and list based. The other is list based. The file includes a sample master list that you can edit.

small desk calendarSmall Desk Calendar

Several pages about how to make a small desk calendar. Includes the printable calendar. I have one on my desk.

diaryA Fragmentary Account

A Fragmentary Account is a 12 page dated calendar/diary/journal that is ruled and each line begins with a date. On the line you should write something in short about the day.

Dated Rule

Dated Rule is a calendar which features one ruled line per day of the year. Dated Rule calendar consist of 12 pages displaying one month per page with Mondays being highlighted with bold text. This calendar is similar to A Fragmentary Account.

THE DonnaYoung.org Purse-sized Booklet!!

bookletRecently I added the actual & lovely donnayoung.org booklet files! wowWOW!!! Now you can have your very own DonnaYoung.org Booklet!! Uses PDF filesPDF files

OR, even better, you can make a 32-page custom Purse-Sized Booklet using only 2 sheets of paper! Booklet pages include files and instructions. Uses DOC filesDOC files

Articles In the Household Section

Lastly, I have these articles that are related to this section of my website-

13 meals13 Meals - This article is about a way to plan meal ahead of time with the focus on the repeating meals. The title "13-Meals" refers to the possibility of repeating 13 meals during one month. I did this sort of meal planning 20+ years ago on paper that I pulled out of my budget planner. Files are included with this article.

Menu Frameworks - This article discusses Menu Frameworks. This method of meal planning is based on items that make up certain types of meals. The frameworks are behind almost every meal and what you can refer to when you are drawing a blank when you attempt to make a meal plan or when you cook without meal plans.

Meal Planning - This article suggests that you make themes for each of the days during a certain period of time and then fill in the slots with menu plans for that sort of meal on the theme days - for instance- on pasta day - cook pasta.

The Household Planner - This is about using a household planner.

Roomba - About my experience with Roomba - I've been using a Roomba since 2010.

Other Ways to Keep Track

MS Outlook
The calendar in Microsoft Outlook (or a similar software), if you have it, can be set up for appointments and repeating events such as bills. To see the reminders, open Outlook. This works well if you open Outlook every morning.

Online Calendar
If you have a yahoo or gmail email address then you can use their calendar to keep track of appointments and reoccurring reminders such as paying bills. The calendar can be set to email reminders to you at any email address that you choose, additionally, the calendar might be displayed on your home page provided there is a suitable add-on or widget. Google provides a syncing service for android devices.

Cell Phone or other Small Devices
Handheld devices such as PDA's, tablets, and some cell phones can be used to keep track of events.

Use It
Whatever your system, whether it is handwritten or electronic, use it. The mere existence of a system will not remind you to return your library books if you have not placed the reminder in your system.

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