Sans-List Block Calendars

This page is about the list and it is brief because there isn't much to say. This is merely a way of getting your typed list printed on the Sans-List Block Calendar.

Sans-List Template and Using It

doc formatBlock Template - DOC
Open the template in your word processor. [The template was made with Microsoft Word 2002.]
gray areaThe image shown here highlights where you should not type. Note that an image can go anywhere as long as it is faded. Click on the image to see a larger version.


The Table Properties

table properties

The image above shows the table properties. The table is right-aligned and 1.97 inches wide. The properties allow it to print in the right location on page two of the sans-list block planner.

Alter the table, its appearance and what it in the table to suit you.

To alter the color and appearance of the table, right-click the table and choose Borders and Shading

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