Paperless Math Drills

The drills are simple web pages that are linked in a certain sequence. The quizzes do not keep track of how many questions were answered correctly or incorrectly. In order for the student to reach the "Congratulations" page, he must go back and retry answers that he answered incorrectly. So, if a student has reached a "Congratulations" page, then one of two things have happened:
1. He answered all of the answers correctly, either the first time or eventually.
2. He figured out a different way to get to the "Congratulations" page.

Timing the Quizzes: Get a stop watch, when the student starts, start the stop-watch and when the student gets to the end, stop the stop watch. It's old fashioned, but it works.






Missing Product

Missing Product
This puzzle presents a portion of a multiplication table with a missing number. The student should try to determine what the missing number is based on the surrounding numbers in the table. There will be a set of five numbers under the table. One of the numbers is the correct answer and will take the student to the next question.

36 42 48
42   56
48 56 64
Donna Young

Make a Snowflake

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