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Sometimes we just need special paper for math work. At, you can print paper that has the multiplication table printed all around the edges and paper that has a number line. I have graph paper and paper that can be used to make a coordinate grid notebook. To navigate the "Math Papers" use the links and the images below or use the menu above.

Math Paper
math paper

Print paper that is divided into sections, 10 sections per sheet. Ideally, the student would work out one math problem per block. The paper on this page is available with or without a multiplication table encircling the border and it is available with or without graph lines.

Another similar version of the paper (pictured on the left) is available without the words "Show your work."

Using a Composition Book for Math Work -Short Article

We were more likely to use a composition book for math work; well actually we did use composition books for just about every subject including math. This small article, Using a Composition Book for Math Work, describes how we used a composition book for math.

Number Line Paper

numbers underThere is a time when a student needs number lines, lots of them, and for that reason I made various number line papers for math.

I have school-paper ruled number line paper.

I have graph paper number line paper.

I have number line paper that has a lot of number lines and of that paper, I have number lines that have numbers that are either above the number line or below the number line.

number lines number lines

Choices in Graph Papers

Graph Paper I

This set has 6 choices of black line graph papers.

graph paper

Graph Paper IIBlackgraygray palepinkChartreuse

This set has some unique graph papers that can be used for other subjects and for notebooking. The set has various line colors - black, gray, pale gray, pink or chartreuse.


graph paper

Coordinate Grid Paper and a Notebook Cover

coordinate gridsMy children needed coordinate grids so often for algebra that I made a notebook for them to use.

At Coordinate Grid Paper and a Notebook Cover you will find several printable coordinate grids, some have x and y marked and some do not. You will also find a few images that you may use as clip art in a word processor for school work.

Scale Paper

When I was a young girl, I enjoyed drawing things to scale. My room, for instance, I drew it to scale and I drew my furniture to scale. I used to draw house plans to scale. Later when I had my own house, I drew it to scale along with all the furniture. This is probably why I put "scale paper" on my website.

Number Line Paper

number line graphNumber line paper was previously mentioned, but here it is again because of this number line graph paper. The graphs are in three sizes. Pictured here is "20 Grid"

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