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From this Pre-K though 2 Math home page I will attempt to remember to link the resources that I make that fall into this category. As this section grows, I will start nesting topics in the 3rd row of the menu above.


This list includes some resources that are not under this particular menu. You can return to this page by following this menu path: Math > PreK-2.

Writing Numbers and Numerals

Kindergarten Math: Number Match

Kindergarten Math: Count the Shapes

In ART- Shapes: Drawing, Coloring, Cutting, Pasting

In ART- Trace Color Names, Trace & Color Shapes

Math - Fact Families

Telling Time

Printable Clock and Clock Worksheets for Math

Clocks for Math - Whole Hour Clock Quiz I

Clocks for Math - Whole Hour Clock Quiz II

Printable Tags and Coins: Play Store to Learn About Money

Play Money

Math Drill Sheets - Easy Math Facts Drill Sheets

Rectangular Math Facts Cards

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Planning Guide for AOP Art Electives Unit 4, Unit 4 is about perspective drawing and this article is about unit four.
Perspective Drawing

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