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Copying Problems to Add

copy a column of decimals to addEach file has 4 problem sets consisting of 10 problems each of 7 horizontally placed decimals. The student is to copy the numbers vertically in his notebook and properly align the decimal point - then add the column of numbers. Answers are included on each sheet. What we are going for here is copying accurately as well as lining up decimals properly and of course getting the right answer.

The Files: #5 | #6 | #7 | #8

Ordinary mostly Addition and Subtraction Sets

add or subtract promblem setsEach file is two pages long and has 10 problem sets with 10 problems per set. The work can be done on the paper if there is enough room for your child's handwriting. Addition problems are not marked with a plus sign, but the subtraction problems are marked, of course. The student should notice the subtraction signs and work the problem accordingly.

The Files: Set 5 | set 6 | Set 7 | Set 8

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