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This section includes printable files for various types of tables or charts that are commonly used in mathematics.

100 number chartsCharts for Math: 100 Numbers

All of the charts on the 100 Numbers web page are 100 numbers charts. Some of the charts are completely filled in, some of them are blank, and the rest of the 100 number charts are partially filled in - the student is to complete those charts. Letter sizes - there are charts with big letters and charts with small letters. That's about it. To print the charts go to Charts for Math: 100 Numbers

Coordinate Grid Notebook coverCharts for Math: Coordinate Grids and Notebook

My children needed coordinate grids so often for algebra that I made a notebook for them to use. There are about 148 coordinate grids needed for Saxon Algebra 1 [1999 edition]. My daughter used a different program for algebra and I looked through the solution's manual that came with her math program to get an idea of how many coordinate grids to print and which ones to print. For the most part, I printed the 6x6 6-grids on both sides of the paper.

Addition Charts and Multiplication Charts

Learning Math Facts: As an alternative to math facts drilling or in addition to drilling, it is acceptable in some cases to let your children look at a multiplication chart while they do their math lesson. Allowing them to look at a chart will take away some of the their frustration during math. In our case, my child used the chart less over time and eventually she did not need it at all This using a chart during math has two steps.
1. Allow them to look at charts during math class unhampered in any way.
2. Monitor their use of the charts by blacking out or covering the parts of the chart that they have learned.
We used both drill and charts. Results from math facts drilling revealed which parts of the multiplication charts to cover.

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triangular flash cards
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