Blank-Top Notebook Paper

What to do with Blank Top Paper

A lot more than what I am about to suggest. Typically, children can draw on the blank top and write something about the drawing on the lines. Top of my head examples follow:
arrow Draw a picture of something, such as a dog, and write something about the dog.
arrow Draw a picture of your house or your room and write something about your house or room.
arrow Draw a picture of yourself or family members and write something about the person that you drew.
arrow Draw a picture of an item such as a shoe and describe it.

From the Complete Standard Set

This set of filler paper features ruled sides as well as ruled bottom paper. The ruled sides can be back to back if the "Right side" is printed on the back of the "Left side." The files below are from the. The Complete Standard Set includes a fully ruled version of each rule size and you can print it from Notebook Filler Paper or below at the links named "Matching Full Rule - "

Wide Rule

Matching Full Rule - Wide

Medium Rule

Matching Full Rule - Medium

Narrow Rule

Matching Full Rule - Narrow

No Margin Lines

blank top notebook paperThis paper has no margin lines, instead it has blank margin spaces.

The image on the left shows what the files look like.

The files below: Choose a size and print. The size stated is a close approximation of the rule size (height).

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More Filler Paper at

I have a few other blank top notebook filler type files located at other parts of

In Art

The files are in Story Paper.
Story Paper

In Science

The Nature Journal has a couple of blank-tops and blank-bottoms.
Nature Journal

In Homeschool Planner

The homeschool planner section contains mostly forms but there is at least one blank top in the notebooking forms.
Homeschool Notebooking Forms

In Calendars

The blank tops in calendars are not filler they are calendar templates. The student can use them in the same creative way he uses the other blanks tops... draw a picture in the top that relates to the content in the lower half, which in this case, is a month.
Printable Undated Calendars

Make Your Own Blank Top Paper

blank top with liliesMake blank tops suited for your purpose at hand. Make them with your preferred software such as a drawing program, a word processor, or spreadsheet software.

DOC Lily Blank-Top-doc
PDF Lily Blank-Top-pdf

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