Alexia Homeschool Planner

The Alexia Homeschool Planner includes four standard planning forms - Course of Study, Goals, Curriculum Planner, and a Journal. Planning forms are basically forms that you use to think out and list the parts of your homeschool. Planning forms are not for lessons, planning forms are the first step in organizing your books and thoughts.

The lesson plan forms are named after the grid format - how many columns and rows. The 3x9 and 4x9 formats include a ruled column. I have included quarterly lesson planners in this set. If you want to use the doc, rtf, or odt formats, keep in mind that the font that I used might not be on your computer. If it isn't, I have supplied a substitute font for download.

Homeschool Planning Forms

What are planning forms?

Except for the journal form, which can be either a planning form or a lesson plan form, planning forms are used to plan such things as book lists, goals, and administrative tasks such as the school calendar. Of the forms listed below, you will need per child: one Course of Study; several Goals; and possibly one Journal. You might not need a Curriculum Planner which is used for your curriculum shopping list.

Alexia Homeschool Planner - Journal

pdfCourse of Study docDOC docRTF oooODT

pdfCurriculum Planner docDOC docRTF oooODT

pdfGoals docDOC docRTF oooODT

pdfHomeschool JournaldocDOC docRTF oooODT

Lesson Plan Forms

Alexia Planner has several form layouts for weekly planners and it has quarterly planners. The 4-page quarterly planner is *Roman Keyed. The weekly planners are grouped by feature.

  • Schedules 3x9 and 4x9 have check boxes and a side list
  • Schedules 5x9 and 6x9 have check boxes
  • Schedules 5x7, 5x12, and 4x12 "Blocks" are basic lesson planners with no check boxes or lists.

Alexia Homeschool Planner - 4x9 Schedule

pdfQuarterly 1-page docDOC docRTF oooODT
pdfQuarterly 4-Pages docDOC docRTF oooODT

pdfSchedule 3x9 docDOC docRTF oooODT
pdfSchedule 4x9 docDOC docRTF oooODT

pdfSchedule 5x9
pdfSchedule 6x9

pdf 5x7 Blocks docDOC docRTF oooODT
pdf 5x12 Blocks docDOC docRTF oooODT
pdf4x12 Blocks docDOC docRTF oooODT

Roman Keyed means that roman numerals are used in the column headers and numbers are used at the row headers. Roman keyed graders may be found at Grades and Grade book.

The Champagne Font

docooo The odt, doc, and rtf files use the Champagne font and chances are, you do not have the Champagne font on your computer. If you want the font, either download it from the internet by searching "champagne font" or get it here: Please note that at some point the font in this download will no longer be compatible with the newest computers. At that point use a search engine for the font or use a completely different font.

What is: oooODT?

ODT is an Open Office format. Open Office is an open source word processing suite. While I continue to host my ODT files, I cannot recommend it anymore because the software changed hands a few years ago and I have not kept up with the changes.

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