Graph Paper Set II

Set II has graph papers that I made with a word processor. There are various graph arrangements. I have full graphs, half graphs and graphs in rows. Some are in color and some are not. Some have the 10-square blocks marked with darker lines. I am making the graph paper available in the file formats of PDF and DOC.
If colors are used in this set, they are pinkPink and ChartreuseChartreuse.

Graph Paper II

graph paper

Printing information: The low quality or draft settings will not work well with many of these papers. If the paper is noted as being gray, pink, or chartreuse, use regular printer quality settings.

printable filesGraph Paper II Files

gray 1 adn 2
Image of 10x12 Gray 1 and Gray 2

Graypdf10x12, 3/4 inch, Gray 1- Very Pale
doc10x12,-3/4 inch, Gray 1- Very Pale
doc10x10,-3/4 inch, "Type Here"

Graypdf10x12, 3/4 inch, Gray 2
doc10x12,-3/4 inch, Gray 2
doc10x10,-3/4 inch, "Type Here"

Blackpdf10x12, 3/4 inch, Black
doc10x12, 3/4 inch, Black
doc10x10, 3/4 inch, "Type Here"

Blackpdf6x8, 1.21 inch, Black
doc6x8, 1.21 inch, Black
doc6x6, Approx. 1 1/8 inch, "Type Here"

The files labeled "Type Here" are doc files which have a shorter graph table to allow room for typing above and below the graph table.

importantdocWord files will not always produce perfect squares.

ChartreuseMarked by 10x10

The "marked by ten" graph paper has a darker line at every 10th row and column.

pdf30x30, 1/4inch, Chartreuse x10
doc30x30, 1/4inch, Chartreuse x10

pdf30x36, 1/4inch, Chartreuse x10
doc30x36, 1/4inch, Chartreuse x10

pdf60x72, 0.13inch, Chartreuse x10
doc60x70, 0.13inch, Chartreuse x10


Divided Graph Paper Rows

The two styles below have a graph on one side and an empty space for writing on the other side. The most obvious use for this style is math problems that require a graph. Other uses are drawing on the graph and next to the drawing, writing an explanation, or a problem, or comments/facts about the drawing.

3 Separate Rows - Square Graph

The graph section is square with 18 rows and columns.


18x18 rows pink pdf18x18, 0.15 inch pink
doc18x18, 0.15 inch pink

18x18 rows green pdf18x18, 0.15 inch chartreuse
doc18x18, 0.15 inch chartreuse

18x18 rows green pdf18x18, 0.15 inch gray
doc18x18, 0.15 inch gray

4 Joined Rows4 rows- One-Half of Paper is Graph

The graph section is rectangular with 12 rows and 18 columns. This one would work for math problems and might be useful for designing room layouts, plotting small garden sections and similar uses.

4 rowspdf12x18, 4rows. 0.2 inch chartreuse
doc12x18, 4rows. 0.2 inch chartreuse

4 rowspdf12x18, 4rows. 0.2 inch pink
doc12x18, 4rows. 0.2 inch pink

4 rowspdf12x18, 4rows. 0.2 inch gray
doc12x18, 4rows. 0.2 inch gray

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