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This video shows how the Dynamic Term Average Record highlights the active grade columns for each grading term.

    The Steps shown in this video (not many)
  1. Select each term from the drop-down list at the Dynamic Term Average Record to see the active grade columns. The active grade columns receive the grades. One of the purposes of the Dynamic Term Average Record is to highlight the current grading term so that you can clearly see which columns are activated for grades - a grade placed in a non-active column will not count. Please note that the Dynamic Term Average Record does not "make" a grade column active, it merely highlights the active grade columns.

Why is this good?
The term graders will eventually get buried in the top of the s-sheets and you won't be able to see them without scrolling up. The Dynamic Term Average Record is always parked on top. The current grading term can be selected and you will see which grade columns to use for that grading term. The Dynamic Term Average Record will also place your headings at the top of the grade columns (columns F-I are the grade columns).

How to make a grade column active: Grade columns are made active via the term graders. See Donna Young's Homeschool V-Planner "S" Sheets - Term Calculators

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