Lined Paper, The Standard Set

The Standard Set lined paper uses standard rule sizes - wide, medium, and narrow.

The ruled paper sizes are based on standard USA sizes listed below. It is possible that sizes will vary slightly depending on your computer software and printer.

  • Wide: 8.7mm
  • Medium: 7.1mm
  • Narrow: 6.35mm

Each rule size includes 4 paper styles - fully ruled, blank top, right half ruled, and left half ruled. The standard filler paper is available in color and gray scale. The color file uses the colors blue, pink, and gray.

The Files - Color and Grayscale

The files below are PDF files, docx files are at YoungMinds. The ruled lines are blue in the middle section, the margin lines are gray, and the vertical margin lines are pink.

Wide Ruled Filler Paper - 8.7mm

Medium Ruled Filler Paper - 7.1 mm

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Narrow Ruled Filler Paper - 6.35mm

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