Home Economics Lifepac 7

lesson plans worksheet

***Looking at student's book***

Contents Overview:
The parts and comments:
I. Hospitality, 2 - 17, includes a test
II. Etiquette, 18 - 30, includes a test
III. Home Management, 30 - 53, includes a test

***Looking at teacher's book***

Note: The vocabulary has items that would be best seen. Plan to visit a home improvement store at the beginning of this unit.

Materials list:
paper for making invitations and decorations
scissors, crayons, markers
various cookbooks for menu planning
hose with spray nozzle
bucket, sponge, rags, newspaper
leather or vinyl cleaner
window cleaner
* see teacher's book for suggested items and further information

***The amount of time we can spend on this***

Time allotted: 5 weeks (up to 25 days)
NOTE: This may be too slow a schedule if you are planning to complete all 10 Lifepacs in one school year. We are using 5 lifepacs per year, taking two years to complete the Home Ec course.

***Choosing a planner***

Use a 5 x 5 grid, thumb through book taking note of activities, questions, tests, field trips, etc. and start filling in page numbers, try not to overload:
Printable version of this to glue inside front cover of workbook

I. Read the glossary on pages 53-54. Read pages 1 and 2 stop at planning to entertain Planning to entertain: read pages 2-6 Types of entertainment: 6-10 Do activity 1.32 on page 10 Extra day for activity 1.32
Overnight guests: 10 - 15 self test 1 pages 16-17 II Etiquette: 18-21 22-23 24-27
18-27, read over section 2 to study for self test 2 self test 2, 28-30 III Home Management
Activity 3.14 page 38 Clean some rooms:
List Rooms Cleaned:

39-44: NOTE: if possible either have the tools handy or visit a hardware store Home Inspection
44-45 do activity 3.23
auto care: 46-47 : ) wash my car if it is not too cold, #3.30 page 47 Inspecting the car
Note, this requires someone with some automobile knowledge
Study for self test 3 self test 3 study unit for tomorrow's unit test Unit Test 7  
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