Home Economics Lifepac 9

lesson plans worksheet

***Looking at student's book***

Contents Overview:
The parts and comments:
I. Ages and Stages: 2-17; includes a test
II. Care of Children: 17-41; includes a test
III. Safety and First Aid: 42-52; includes a test
IV. The Business of Babysitting: 53-61; includes a test

***Looking at teacher's book***

Materials list:
one cloth diaper and set of diaper pins
one disposable diaper
real baby or life-size doll
pattern and supplies to make a stuffed toy
supplies for children's book: paper, crayons, magic, markers, pencils, construction paper, old magazines, scissors, glue, hole punch, yarn, brass fasteners
finger paint supplies: flour, salt water, food coloring, sauce pan, spoon, finger paint paper
play dough supplies: flour, salt, food coloring, water, bowl, plastic bag, wax paper
see teacher's book for suggested items and more details

***The amount of time we can spend on this***

Time allotted: 7 weeks (up to 35 days)
NOTE: This may be too slow a schedule if you are planning to complete all 10 Lifepacs in one school year. We are using 5 lifepacs per year, taking two years to complete the Home Ec course.

***Choosing a planner***

Use a 7 x 5 grid, thumb through book taking note of activities, questions, tests, field trips, etc. and start filling in page numbers, try not to overload:
Printable version of this to glue inside front cover of workbook

I. Read the glossary on pages 61-62. Read pages 1. I Ages and Stages: 1-5 Intellect: 5-7 Social and Emotional: 7-9 Spiritual: 10-11
Activity 1.46: 12-13
This has to be arranged ahead of time!
Activity 1.47: 14-15
This has to be arranged ahead of time!
study section I self test 1: 16-17 II Care of Children: 17-21
22-25 26-28 29-31: Optional: the student may make a stuffed toy 31-32 32-33: Begin the story, turn it in early Wednesday
Music: 34 (use remainder of time to work on story) Art: 34-35 to 2.38 (use remainder of time to work on story) Turn in story first
Activity 2.41: 37
This has to be arranged ahead of time!
study section II self test 2: pages 40-41 III. Safety and First Aid: 42-44 44-49 49-50
study section III self test 3 study unit Unit Test 9  
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