A Homeschool Journal

This can be very simple. Buy an ordinary composition book just like the one you used in school, it can be a sewn or spiral-bound. Write about homeschooling everyday in your composition book. Alternately, you could buy a leather bound journal that has inspiring quotes on every page.

A 3-ring binder could also serve the homeschool journalist. She may fill her notebook with any type of paper that suits her or she may decide to design her paper layout in a word processor. She might prefer to type all of her journal entries and back-up the entries for later printing and binding.

Either way, keeping a homeschool journal usually requires a daily commitment (don't convince yourself that you can remember everything at the end of the week) and so the choice of journal, whether it is a simple spiral bound composition notebook or a leather bound volume, or something you print or make yourself, your journal ought to be one that encourages writing.

Journal Combined with Another Planner Type

If the homeschool journal is kept in conjunction with another planner type, then the daily commitment of journaling can be reduced to a need-to-record-this basis.

Journal Combined with Unit Study Planner

The journal planner could accompany the unit study planner as a means of keeping records of the unit study. A detailed unit study form can be viewed here : Homeschool Unit Study Planner

printable files linkJournal Forms at DonnaYoung.org

If you would rather print a journal rather than buy a bound journal, you can print journal forms from Lesson Plans > Journal. There are four pages of journal forms. While all of the files are pdf, many of the files are also in Microsoft Word and/or OpenOffice formats.

A Scrapbook of the Homeschool Year

I can't leave this page until I bring up the yearly scrapbook. Plan ahead for the yearly scrapbook. Start a folder in either your file drawer or in your computer files. Throughout the year, add photographs and notes that you want to include in the scrapbook to your folder.


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