What Goes in A Homeschool Plan Book

My Typical Planner

This page describes what I usually placed in my homeschool planner. See also Over the Years, Donna Young's Homeschool Planner.

Title Page of Homeschool PlannerTitle Page

Although I have cover sheets at donnayoung.org, I do not have any planner title files. Since I have added the doc and rtf versions of the cover sheets, you can alter one and make it into a title page.

The homeschool planner title page is a record. The image on the left is just an example of what a title page can look like. I made it in just about one minute. This one has the school name, an image examples: (theme image; a current photo of your family; a current photo of your children; or the student), the student's name, the term date (the year span), the level of instruction (the grade), and the instructor's name.

School Calendar

(print on a fresh sheet of paper) This website offers several school calendar styles and, on many of them, you can choose from the starting months of January, June, July, August, or September.

Events Calendar

Optional: These undated calendars are a two page spread, print the first page behind the calendar. The events calendar is used to record the date and name of events such as field trips, music lessons.. etc. There are two styles.

Attendance Form

Optional: Print one if you need or want to keep track of attendance.

Course of Study

This is a list of subjects and books. Print one for each of your children if you need to list the course of study.


Optional: The goals form has been a confusing item, leave it out if you wish. However, it is helpful to force yourself to make goals and to have a written record of your goals. The goal forms can be used for either short term goals or long term goals.

Grade Form

Optional: I have two grade forms to choose from. I also have Excel grade books, but these can't be put into a planner.

Book List Forms

There is a need for several types of book forms and you may choose any or all or none of them. Homeschoolers might need:

  • Library Book forms to keep track of borrowed and returned books
  • Reading Logs to keep track of books that have been read
  • Book List to keep track of books you are planning to read
  • Home Library List to keep track of the books that you own
  • List of books that you have borrowed from friends and loaned to friends
  • A curriculum book list with a column for reference keys

Hmm... I'm sure I am forgetting something..

Ruled Paper or Journals

The amount of ruled paper that you print is up to you. The ruled paper can be used for anything. Some homeschool moms print ruled paper behind every weekly planner sheet to make notes of the week. You can stop here and journal the homeschooling year or if you wish to make plans, continue below...

Lesson Planners

Choose the type of planner that you like best or make your own with a word processor.

This article by Donna Young was originally published 2006.
See also: Over the Years, Donna Young's Homeschool Planner

Tip: If you want your planner to be pretty then use store-bought or home-printed pretty paper.
Tip: If you have several children, consider using color-coding for each child.

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