Do You Need a Planner?

I will be the last person to tell you that you do not need a planner because using a homeschool planner helps you to be prepared.

That said - unless you must keep certain records, then you do not have to make a homeschool planner, but that only sounds good and it is bad advice.

Although I strongly recommend being prepared in some way for your day, my purpose is not to tell homeschoolers that they must use a homeschool planner, my purpose is to provide resources for those who do use a planner book. My second purpose is to offer suggestions on how to plan homeschool.

Homeschool Planner Frustration

I've spoken with homeschoolers and while most find their choice of homeschool planner good, there is some frustration when using one. In the two articles that I am about to link, I talk about the pros and cons of the Homeschool Weekly Planner and the Homeschool Subject Planner. The points that I make are things that I learned when I used these types of lesson planners.

My Homeschool Planners

Having a homeschool planner was incredibly useful to me. Homeschool planners are not static, they have to change during certain phases that are related to your children's ages. If I tracked my homeschool planner book style over the years, it was like this:

  1. Early to Middle Years - Weekly Homeschool Planner, using the 2-page weekly forms to accommodate shared classes
  2. Middle Years - A combined subject and weekly planner, using the 1-page weekly forms.
  3. Middle Years to beginning High School Years - Pure Subject Planner
  4. Remaining High School Years - Subject planner forms given to teens, little to no planner use for me - I had copies of their class planners and I used G&A for grades and attendance records. In some classes, my high school student used a special class planner that I put together.

Read a little more at Over the Years, Donna Young's Homeschool Planner

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