About the Homeschool Timer

A homeschool timer planner is simply a very orderly daily planner. The homeschooler who would prefer the timer is one who likes having the homeschool day laid out based on time. Perhaps the one who enjoys this very orderly method is already accustomed to using a timer.

The timer could have some of the essential forms in the first part and the remaining pages would be timer pages. Actually, I believe the homeschooler who uses this method knows precisely what sort of forms she wants to include in her Homeschool Timer.

I see no cons to this method other than the discipline of the daily upkeep, but on that note, the one who would like this method is one who would enjoy the daily upkeep.

Forms Suitable for the Homeschool Timer Planner

The classic timers can be found in Household > Full-Size > Timers . Select one based on how many children you are homeschooling-- for instance, 3 children = 3 columns, 4 columns if you want a column for yourself.

Another sort of timer is on the Daily Schedule Lesson Planners page. The top file. It is not, however, a genuine timer with the time of day listed, but it has a space for the time of day.

Those who keep timers might find useful the subject planners to have a quick reference for the daily lessons.

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