Fuchsia Booklet

Fuchsia is a handwriting rule booklet and it is named after its fuchsia base line. File sets include one fully ruled file and one half ruled file.

fuchsia colorFuchsia is a Folded Booklet

Print Fuchsia files back to back, stack them and fold them down the center. Bind fuchsia with staples or by sewing. A cover is optional but feel free to be creative with decorated or plain card stock cut to size.

Fuchsia Files

The Fuchsia Booklet is available in 2 rule heights and a second rule style. The first set of files have the 3/8 inch rule.

Fuchsia BookletRule Height: 3/8"

Full Rule
Half Rule

This set has a 1/4 Inch rule, or just under; your printed results might differ.

Fuchsia BookletRule Height: 1/4"

Full Rule
Half Rule

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May 13, 2021

I left out the top blue line in this set. The rule height is based on the 1/4 inch rule.

Fuchsia BookletRule Height: 1/4"

Full Rule
Half Rule

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