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handwriting worksheets for the letter f in zaner bloser style Pencil Lift: Lowercase manuscript f requires one pencil lift to cross the letter. Uppercase manuscript letter F uses 2 pencil lifts (3 strokes) to complete the letter

List of Words Used in Worksheets: Fred, fan, Feat, fig, fold, Fade, far, file, fur, face, fang, fear, Feet, Fact, fail, feud, for, Fad, fall, fern, fox, fake, fen, Fife, fuzz

fad — passing fashion
fen — swamp; bog
feud — deadly quarrel, as between families
fife — small, shrill flute

Hand Drawn Animations of Writing the Manuscript F

The animations are un-intimidating and hand-drawn. The lowercase and lowercase "f" has one pencil lift.

Donna Young's Handwritting AnimationsClick on these links to access the animations:
Lowercase f | Uppercase F

Handwriting Worksheets

Instructions, click on the link to open the file and print. The files are PDF.

Lowercase F, Manuscript, Arrows/No Arrows

Capital F, Manuscript, Arrows/No Arrows

Practice, F, Manuscript

letter f words handwriting worksheets
- words 2
letter f words handwriting worksheets
- words 3

Printable Handwriting Paper that Coordinates with The Handwriting Lessons

For more choices in handwriting paper see: Printable Handwriting Paper
For smaller rule see the bottom of the ZB Animations Home Page: Donna Young's Manuscript Handwriting Animations
14 mm Rule

Blank Top
14 mm Rule

Two Lessons

Fern - Coloring Page of Crested Woodfern

woodfern coloring page
Optional Coloring Printable of a Crested Woodfern

Fern Image Credit: USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database / Britton, N.L., and A. Brown. 1913. An illustrated flora of the northern United States, Canada and the British Possessions. 3 vols. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York. Vol. 1: 19


The FiferA fife is a small, high-pitched, transverse flute that is similar to the piccolo, but louder and shriller due to its narrower bore. The fife originated in medieval Europe and is often used in military and marching bands. Someone who plays the fife is called a fifer.
from Wikipedia

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