Practice Writing the Letter k

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Hand Drawn Animations of Writing the Manuscript K

The animations are un-intimidating and hand-drawn. Both uppercase and lowercase "K" are drawn with two pencil lifts.
Click on these links to access the animations:
Lowercase k | Uppercase K

Handwriting Worksheets

Instructions, click on the link to open the file and print. The files are PDF.

Lowercase Manuscript K

Uppercase Manuscript K

The Rest of the Worksheets use the Hollow Letters

More Letter K Practice, 2 Files

no arrows, letter k practiceSome Tracing: Lesson 1: Uppercase K, Lesson 2: Lowercase k

Write the letter k on your own on. Uppercase and lowercase

Manuscript K, Mixed Case Practice, 2 Files

Write Words that Start with the Letter K, 3 Files

List of Words Used in Worksheets: keep, kale, kick, kin, knee, keel, kid, kink, knit, keen, kill, kit, knob, keg, king, know, kelp, ken, kiln, kiss, kudos, key, kilt, kind, kite.

The files are linked in the sentence above and the images below.

letter k words handwriting worksheets letter k words handwriting worksheets letter k words handwriting worksheets

Some of the words might be new to your child and for that reason, and for your convenience, below is a list of some of the words with short definitions.

kale - cabbage with spreading, curled leaves
keel - center piece along the bottom of a ship
keen - 1. sharp, 2. piercing, 3. perceptive; acute, 4. eager, 5. intense
keg - small barrel
ken - range of knowledge
kelp - brown seaweed
kilt - skirt worn by men of the Scottish Highlands
kink - curl or twist
kudos - credit for achievement

Printable Handwriting Paper that Coordinates with The Handwriting Lessons

For more choices in handwriting paper see: Printable Handwriting Paper
For smaller rule see the bottom of the ZB Animations Home Page: Donna Young's Manuscript Handwriting Animations

14 mm Rule

Blank Top
14 mm Rule

Two Lessons

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