ZB Style - The Letter Gg

Practice Writing the Letter Gg

Two Identical Lessons per Sheet: There are two identical lessons on each printable worksheet. Why are there two identical lessons on each sheet? It seems like a odd idea now and I am having trouble remembering why I decided to make them this way, but I suppose the second lesson could be saved and used a week or two later or given to a second student.

handwriting worksheets for letter gDotted, Hollow, Boxes, and Practice: The letters are either dotted or the letters are hollow. One of the worksheets with dotted letters also have individual letter boxes with a starting dot. Each letter style, dotted or hollow, will have a practice worksheet. The dotted letter worksheets have both tracing and practice worksheets. The hollow letter worksheets have starting dot.

Pencil Lift: Manuscript Gg can be drawn without pencil lifts. Lowercase "g" could have a pencil lift, but it is not necessary unless the instructor requires it. I have an animation for both a one-stroke and a two-stroke lowercase g.
Animations are linked below, worksheets further down this page.

List of Words Used in Worksheets: Gigi, gab, gem, Gene, go, Gage, gear, gift, glee, gad, get, gist, Glow, Game, gibe, glad, good, Give, germ, glib, glen, gap, gill, gown, gut
Listed below are a few of the words with short definitions.

gab — chatter
gad — roam about restlessly
gap — 1. opening or break, 2. blank space
gage — 1. pledge, 2. challenge, 3. gauge
gem — precious stone
gibe — taunt
gill — breathing organ of a fish
gist — main point
glee — joy
glen — secluded valley
glib — fluent, esp. in a shallow way

The Letter Height of the Printed Worksheet

"A" is pictured, but represents any worksheet in this set

Below is a photograph of my two copies along with an old yellow ruler. As you can see, the height is just over 1/2 of an inch or 14 mm. The letter size might vary a little from person to person.

rule size of manuscript set

Hand Drawn Animations of Writing the Manuscript G  

The animations are un-intimidating and hand-drawn. Animations are linked below, worksheets are link further down this page.

Donna Young's Handwritting AnimationsClick on these links to access the animations:
Lowercase g - single stroke | Lowercase g - with Pencil Lift | Uppercase G

Handwriting Worksheets

Instructions, click on the link to open the file and print. The files are PDF.

Lowercase G, Manuscript

Capital G, Manuscript

No Arrows Capital G, Manuscript

letter g words handwriting worksheets
- words 2
letter g words handwriting worksheets
- words 3

Printable Handwriting Paper that Coordinates with The Handwriting Lessons

For more choices in handwriting paper see: Printable Handwriting Paper
For smaller rule see the bottom of the ZB Animations Home Page: Donna Young's Manuscript Handwriting Animations
14 mm Rule

Blank Top
14 mm Rule

Two Lessons

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