Concepts in Design: Week Three

Written: Aug 20 2005, revised 8/6/2011, by Donna Young

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  • AOP LifePac Electives
  • Unit I: Concepts in Design
    1. The Design Process
    2. Principles of Design and Composition - Week Three

This week included only a small amount of art practice. There were three tests in a row.


she read about the focal point in design on pages 27-28. I showed her the concept briefly on the white board. Then she did activity 2.2 after more white board work on how to do activity 2.2


Tuesday involved reading about movement and rhythm in design on pages 32-34 and creating a collage from shapes that were provided in the book (activity 2.3). Her third attempt produced a reasonably nice collage.
The teacher's book includes a list of questions to ask yourself when evaluating activity 2.3.

Line and Shape Collage


Looking at this 6 years later, I must clue you in.
While this cute collage is not impressive art, it
passed every criteria stated for the activity.


Wednesday only consisted of reading about division of space in design on pages 39-40 and the self test on pages 40-41


Thursday officially ended unit one. She took the Unit one test today.

-=-=- -ENDS UNIT I -=-=-

Friday - Unit Two

She started Unit 2. She read pages 1-4 and completed the test on page 5.

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