Principles of Color: Weeks Eight & Nine

Written: Oct 8 2005, revised 8/8/2011, by Donna Young

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  • AOP LifePac Electives
  • Unit II: Principles of Color
    1. The Color Wheel
    2. Color Phenomenon
    3. The Meaning of Color

The Two Final Weeks in Color Theory

Week Eight

This was simple, she did pages 31- 33. That was just 4 days of work..

Monday: page 31

Tuesday: page 32

Wednesday: study

Thursday: self test 2

Week Nine

Another simple plan - Complete the book and then study for the tests and take the tests. This consists of working through pages 34-40 and this week's work includes self test 3.
Take the Unit test on Friday.

This ends Unit Two and our study on color theory (for now).

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