Concepts in Design: Week Two

Written: Aug 12 2005, revised 8/6/2011, by Donna Young

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  • AOP LifePac Electives
  • Unit I: Concepts in Design
    1. The Design Process - Week Two - Monday - Wednesday
    2. Principles of Design and Composition - Starts Thursday

This week was on the light side.


She completed page 14 and the two shading exercises on that page. For exercise 1.4a, I supplied her with many 1 inch square pieces of newspaper to select from. To get the pieces, I cut through several layers of newspaper at once in several places with an x-acto knife.

Value Scale in Newsprint


Before class, I cut one-inch squares through layers of newsprint. Holly sorted through the squares, selecting 10 for the value scale activity. [Activity 1.4a, page 14 ]


She read pages 15-18. For Activity 1.5 she decided to use 113Drawing 1a Worksheet #113 instead of hunting images from a magazine to glue into squares and then draw them. You can find more worksheets similar to Drawing 1a Worksheet #113 at

tangramsFor Activity 1.6, Holly made one tangram as instructed with one sheet of construction paper. After that, she used a printable that I made just for this class to print 12 small tangrams for the rest of the activity. 113Six Tangrams

Wednesday - This Ends Part I The Design Process

Self test 1

-=--=-Begins Part II Principles of Design and Composition-=--=-


She read pages 20-24. In the 3 sets of 5 squares, she drew at least two examples of each of the three principles of balance discussed in the lesson (symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial).


negative She read pages 25-26 and did Activity 2.1. She learned how to safely use an x-acto knife on the first piece of construction paper. On the second sheet of construction paper, she cut out a nice positive/negative design and glued it to a piece of white construction paper.

Note about the paper sizes that we used:
9"x12" black construction paper
12"x18" white construction paper

That is it for this week.

NEXT - WEEK 3 Principles of Design and Composition, continued

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