Principles of Color: Week Seven

Written: Oct 8 2005, revised 8/8/2011, by Donna Young

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  • AOP LifePac Electives
  • Unit II: Principles of Color
    1. The Color Wheel
    2. Color Phenomenon
    3. The Meaning of Color

Everyday This Week

My daughter completed pages 27-30 in her Unit 2 Art Book from AOP Lifepac this week. The first activity showed the effect surrounding colors had on neutral gray.

Here is an example of what she had to paint:
simultaneous contrast
The gray color in the example is the same throughout the image, however the adjacent colors alter the appearance of the gray a bit.

Another activity involved staring at a color pattern in her book and when she looked at white paper, the complements of the color pattern that she had stared at appeared. This is called Afterimage

Later she learned another term.. Mach effect
Look at this computer generated scale:
IPB Image

Notice how the squares have the illusion of being darker where each one touches a lighter square and lighter where it touches a darker square. This is called Mach effect.

In another lesson she painted some identical non-touching rectangles with various colors. She was to notice how the lighter colors look closer and darker colors look further away. In another lesson she again painted some identical non-touching squares with various colors and this time she was to notice how the dark colors made the squares appear smaller or visa-versa.

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