Principles of Color: Week Five

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  • AOP LifePac Electives
  • Unit II: Principles of Color
    1. The Color Wheel
    2. Color Phenomenon
    3. The Meaning of Color

.. This Exercise is Continued from Week 4 .. Pages 10 and 11. Either draw the scale on construction paper as described in activity 1.2, or use a printable that is printed on paper that is heavy enough to handle paint. We used 32 lb. paper.


Monday - Tuesday

and more days if needed

Choose a color from the remaining primary and secondary colors and work toward completing activity 1.2.

Activity 1.2: Value Scale in Color

Have the student follow the instructions on page 11 and draw this at least once. Drawing it every time is best, but if there is not enough class time, use the Scale Chart I at Exploring Color Theory.


Go over the color schemes on pages 12-14.

Thursday - Friday

She found examples of the seven colors schemes for Activity 1.3. on pages 15- 22.

==== Ends Week Five ====
====Ends I. The Color Wheel ====

Borrowed From Color Theory

Tint: Color with white added.
Tone: Color with gray or its complement added.
Value: The relative darkness or lightness of a color.
Intensity: The strength of a color, especially the degree to which it lacks its complementary color.

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