Descriptive Adjective

Adjectives modify nouns, pronouns, and groups of words functioning as nouns. Adjective answers the questions What kind?, Which ones?, or How many?

For an example, let's say that you have a car and you want to tell a friend that it is red and that it is new.
In a sentence that might look like: My new, red car is parked in the driveway.

Each adjective tells your friend something more about the car. Or in grammar terms- the adjectives new and red are modifying the noun car:
NEW car
RED car

What about MY? In the noun phrase my new red car, My is a determiner that tells whose car this is. My is in the "possessive" category.

What if you said, "My new, red car is awesome!"
Is awesome used as an adjective? Sort of, but no, awesome is used as a predicate adjective.

Descriptive adjectives describe the noun.

Examples of descriptive adjectives [in bold]:

yellow banana, tall pole, wide door, deep ditch, flowing river, honest man, stormy sky


The suffixes below, when added to a word, will make that word into an adjective.

Suffixes Source Meaning Example
-able -ible from -abilis (Latin) means-that can be portable, audible
-al from -alis (Latin) means of, like, having the nature of ornamental
-ate from atus (Latin) means of or having to do with colligate
-ful from -ful (Old English) means full of playful
-ive from -ivus (Latin) means of or having to do with massive
-ous from osus (Latin) means full of joyous

Here's a list of common adjective endings (suffixes)

-able, -al, -ant, -ary, -ative, -ory, -ed, -en, -ent, -ful, -ic, -ish, -ive, -less, -ous, -some, -y

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