geosafari canrdOn this page are printable template files for the GeoSafari Electronic Learning Game unit. Please print one test template on plain paper before using card stock to make sure the light indicators line up with the lights on your GeoSafari unit.

Because the GeoSafari Electronic Learning Game unit is wide, the template below use two pieces of paper to make one card. If you prefer that your cards be from one piece of large paper, see the Cut to Size page.

GeoSafari Laptop

The information on this page is not meant for the GeoSafari Laptop. Sarah Williams donated GeoSafari Laptop templates and you can find them at GeoSafari Laptop Templates.


Half Style Template - PDF format

pdfLeft Side Card
pdfRight Side Card

Trim the cards on the gray dotted lines, set the cards in your GeoSafari unit --Backwards-- and tape the cards together along the back side. You can use double sided tape placed on the inside edge of the upper card so that the front of the card will lay flat. I usually use rubber cement to attach the cards on the front side instead of using double-sided tape.

See also: Half Style

Middle Style Template - DOC and RTF format

DOC: docSides |  Middle

RTF: rtf Sides | Middle

Please test print the templates before making cards. If you need to adjust the cards go to this page for instructions: Adjusting the DOC Templates

See also: Middle Style
How to assemble the middle style card: GeoSafari Vocabulary for Biology

here: Information & Templates

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