GeoSafari Laptop Templates

The laptop templates were made by Sarah Williams and the files are PDF format. This is all that I have for the GeoSafari Laptop.

The templates are named by how many questions are on each one:

10 Questions | 12 Questions | 14 Questions | 16 Questions | 20 Questions

Copyright 2003 Sarah Williams, All Rights Reserved
You may print the GeoSafari laptop templates for your personal use.

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15840: GeoSafari Laptop
GeoSafari Laptop
By Educational Insights Inc.

Ready . . . set . . . GO! Keep your eyes on the flashing clock as you explore a world of fascinating facts. Match correct answers to challenging questions and learn about space, history, geography, and more. Fast-paced and fun, this interactive game includes 63 double-sided cards and a durable compact laptop. A perfect travel game for vacations and long car trips. Ages 8 and up.

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