geosafari canrdOn this page are printable files that have game codes for the GeoSafari Electronic Learning Game unit.

The information on this page is not meant for the GeoSafari Laptop. I do not have a GeoSafari Laptop and so I have little information about the machine. A homeschooler donated templates for that GeoSafari Laptop and you can find them at GeoSafari Laptop Templates

All codes should work with any model of the GeoSafari Electronic Learning Game unit, but please, before making a card, enter the code that you plan to use and check the question/answers to make certain that the code is programmed into your geosafari unit.

The Codes

The first two sheets of codes are from the early model of geosafari.

pdf1st Set: GeoSafari Code Sheet These codes were packaged with unit
pdfMore Codes There are 8 more codes on this sheet, each code is for 26 questions. These codes were gained though a code hunt on the machine

The following codes are from the packaging of the later model Geosafari unit.

pdfMatching Answers
pdfMultiple Choice - 2 Choices
pdfMultiple Choice - 4 Choices

To make cards, please visit the example pages and study the images. If you still have it, read the pamphlet that is packaged with your unit. There is information in the pamphlet that tells how to make cards.

here: Information & Templates

Example Pages

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