HWT Handwriting Lessons 51-74

HWT font style handwriting lessons 51 - 74 that are coordinated with the book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

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The handwriting letters that are introduced in this group of handwriting lesson worksheets are p, ch, b, y, j. Uppercase letters practiced are W, V, P, H, D, B. Numbers appear in three of the lessons. The occurrence of blank lines will increase in these lessons. On the blank lines, your student can practice writing either what he chooses to write or he can practice writing what you tell him to write.

Since starting the lessons on this page, my father passed away after a brief illness and my husband had two surgeries, one of which required constant care from me for a few weeks. As of this message, my husband is almost back to normal and I have more time for this project. I'll try my best to complete the rest of the lessons.
DY-April 05, 2015

Below - Image of Letters used in Worksheets
HWT Letters

What the Colors Mean

Light orange means that a letter is introduced for the first time.

Light green means a word is used in the lesson.

Pink indicates the lesson will include an uppercase letter.

The Files

Lessons 51 & 52:
Lesson 51- p, ow, pow, pun, peel, pat
Lesson 52- ch She chose to chat., cheep, chin, chow, chip, chill, chick, cheer

Lessons 53 & 54:
Lesson 53- Ww, We will win the game., Vv, Vick, my cat has teeth.
Lesson 54- Pp, Pam gave a can of fish., with, will, wit, win, pith, pill, pit, pin

Lessons 55 & 56:
Lesson 55- sh, ck, words- shack, shin, shock, shot, shut, shake, shave, shim
Lesson 56- b - Practice the letter "b" on two lines. The last two lines are open

Lessons 57 & 58:
Lesson 57- Hh, His kitten ran there. The last two lines are open.
Lesson 58- b, Practice writing "ing", and then writing words that end with "ing". ding, ping, ring, sing, wing, king, thing

Lessons 59 & 60: Practice the contraction let's
Lesson 59- Let us, Let's, Let's go fishing. The last line is open.
Lesson 60- Vv, then "endings" et, ut, and ip. The student should add more words with the endings to fill in the lines.

Lessons 61 & 62:
Lesson 61- five, 5, I have five kittens. The last two lines are open.
Lesson 62- y, you, The last line is open

Lessons 63 & 64:
Lesson 63- y, Dd, Dan is feeding his cows. The last line is open.
Lesson 64- er, Dave is her brother. w, The last line is open.

Lessons 65 & 66:
Lesson 65- Bb, bring, brake, brick, brim, numbers 0-9
Lesson 66- sh, ship, shut, shore, Bring over the kitten., numbers 0-9
Bring over is a Separable Phrasal Verb. One could say instead, "Bring the kitten over." or simply "Bring the kitten."

Lessons 67 & 68:
Lesson 67- Pratice writing the letters - p, b, y, and v
Lesson 68- j, w, one free line

Lessons 69 &70:
Lesson 69- Practice writing er, sh, and k, one free line
Lesson 70- Practicewriting j, u, and e, one free line

Lessons 71 &72:
Lesson 71- Practice writing ck, r, two free lines
Lesson 72- Practicewriting wh, m, two free lines

Lessons 73 &74:
Lesson 73- Practice writing br, n, o, one free line
Lesson 74- Practice writing th, this, that, and the other

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Printable Handwriting Paper that Coordinates with The HWT Handwriting Lessons

For all choices in HWT handwriting paper please go to: Double Line Printable Paper

HWT Manuscript Handwriting Strips
HWT Manuscript

Print, cut apart, attach to student's notebooks
See other handwriting strips at: Printable Handwriting Strips

Donna Young,
Project ongoing - 1st files uploaded on August 12, 2014.

Note: I no longer have this book. The lessons are based on two things -
1. The lessons at 133 Manuscript Handwriting Lessons for Beginners and
2. The notes that I made many years ago from the book

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