HWT Handwriting Lessons 75-100

In this last group of lessons the following handwriting letters will be introduced.

  • The Letter X
  • The Letter Z
  • The Letter Q which will be combined with the letter U

The lessons in this group will simplify quite a lot compared to previous lessons. Many of the lessons will include ordinary letter practice and blank lines. On the blank lines, either you will tell the student what to write or allow the student to decide what to write.

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Below - Image of Letters used in Worksheets
HWT Letters

What the Colors Mean

Light orange means that a letter is introduced for the first time.

Light green means a word is used in the lesson.

Pink indicates the lesson will include an uppercase letter.

The Files

Lessons 75 & 76:
Lesson 75- Practice writing y, w, two free lines
Lesson 76- Introducing x, two free lines

Lessons 77 & 78:
Lesson 77- Practice writing u, b, sh, one free line
Lesson 78- Practice writing x, a er, one free line

Lessons 79 & 80:
Lesson 79- Introducing z, Practice writing s, one free line
Lesson 80- Practice writing u, z, U, one free line

Lessons 81 & 82:
Lesson 81- Introducing q, Qu, and a sentence: "Quack," said the duck.
Lesson 82- Practice writing v "as many times as will fit on the line", which simply means that the student should write the letter "v" over and over on the line. This practice is different because there are no guides. The last three lines are free. Either tell your student what to write or allow your student to choose.

Lessons 83 & 84:
Lesson 83- Practice qu, Jj, z, and one free line
Lesson 84- Unguided practice for letters j, t, b, and c

Lessons 85 & 86:
Lesson 85- Practice th, thing, teeth, thud, thorn, d, did duck, dud, dish, dill
Lesson 86- br, brim, bring, brow, brag, z, buzz, zoo, zap, zip

Lessons 87 & 88:
Lesson 87- Practice writing: x, X, G, g
Lesson 88- Practice writing: k, r, w, y

Lessons 89 & 90:
Lesson 89- Practice writing: y, b, two free lines
Lesson 90- Practice writing: wh, e, two free lines

Lessons 91 & 92:
Lesson 91- Practice writing: a, h, two free lines
Lesson 92- Practice writing: E, F, two free lines

Lessons 93 & 94:
Lesson 93- Practice writing: y, j, o, w
Lesson 94- Practice writing: x, qu, p, one free line

Lessons 95 & 96:
Lesson 95- Practice writing: qu, g, e, one free line
Lesson 96- Practice writing: z, c, t, one free line

Lessons 97 & 98:
Lesson 97- Practice writing: b, h, k, m
Lesson 98- Practice writing: er, d, i, n

Lessons 99 & 100:
Lesson 99- Practice writing: s, r, f, one free line
Lesson 100- Practice writing: a, z, two free lines

Printable Handwriting Paper that Coordinates with The HWT Handwriting Lessons

For all choices in HWT handwriting paper please go to: Double Line Printable Paper

HWT Manuscript Handwriting Strips
HWT Manuscript

Print, cut apart, attach to student's notebooks
See other handwriting strips at: Printable Handwriting Strips

Donna Young,
Project ongoing - 1st files uploaded on August 12, 2014.

Note: I no longer have this book. The lessons are based on two things -
1. The lessons at 133 Manuscript Handwriting Lessons for Beginners and
2. The notes that I made many years ago from the book

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