Coordinate Grids

My children needed coordinate grids so often for algebra that I made a notebook for them to use. There are about 148 coordinate grids needed for Saxon Algebra 1 [1999]. My daughter used a different program for algebra and I looked through the solution book that came with the math program to get an idea of how many coordinate grids to print and which ones to print. For the most part, I printed the 6x6 6-grids on both sides of the paper. Below are the printables that I made for the coordinate grid notebook.

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The Cover for the Notebook

cover This is the cover sheet, print it on card stock:
pdfCoordinate Grid Booklet Cover Sheet


The Grids

6x6 6perChoose from the coordinate grid printables below to fill the coordinate grid booklet. Hole punch the paper, add the cover and bind with string, metal rings or place in a notebook. When thinking of binding the book, keep in mind that, at some point, a different coordinate grid such as the 11x11 might be needed and you might want to add the grid to the notebook. For that reason only, I do not recommend permanent binding unless it is a type that allows pages to be inserted.

6x6 -- x and y Marked

pdf1 Large Single Coordinate grid
pdf2 Coordinate Grids
pdf6 Coordinate Grids (Pictured) the one I used most

4x4 -- x and y marked

pdf6 Coordinate Grids

11x11-- x and y not marked

pdfOne Big Coordinate Grid

10x10-- x and y not marked

These two files were made using the 10 x 10 grid clip art (below) in a word processor.
pdf3 Coordinate Grids + Space Numbers are SMALL
pdf6 Coordinate Grids Numbers are TINY


Clip Art

You can view the images by clicking on the links.
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10 x 10 grid - Black and White

6 x 6 Grid - Black and White with Gray Grid

6 x 6 Grid - Black and White

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