Mixed - Planners that use a combination of more than one type per sheet - ruled lines, blocks, rows

Plan List - A Row Planner

Plan and List Row Planner

pdfPlan List A journal type of planner. This planner has a large square at the top with a list along side the square and the bottom portion of the page has 5 rows for planning the 5 days of the week.

2 More Plan List Planners from the Colonial Planner Set


Goals-Methods-Assignment Planner

That sounds like a use-it-for-whatever planner if the layout fits the job. I just like arranging lines and squares on paper, what else can I say.

5x3 and Ruled

5x3 and Ruled

This planner has a ruled top and a 5 x 3 grid at the bottom with a ruled side.

5x6 and Ruled


PDF fileObjectives/Methods/Materials

Another planner with gears, this one is the sister to the one above with a 5x6 grid and a ruled top, but with no list.

From the by by Columns Set

This is just two of the mixed block and ruled planners from the large by Columns Set.

3 Rows pdf filePDF  doc or rtf fileDOC

6 Rows pdf filePDF doc or rtf fileDOC

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