5x9 Grid Lesson Plan Forms

Typically I call the 5x9 grid planners Quarter Planners because the 45 squares in the 5x9 grid equals 1/4th of a 180-day school year. I happen to love this type of planner; I made them up back in the 90's when I started making "Master Plans".

A Note About the Files on This Page- While all of the files are "5x9" some of them say "Quarterly" and have a place for the name of the class. Perhaps you do not want those items on your 5x9 planner. I'm going to link them all anyway. You can decide which ones to use.

Plain and Basic

5x9 Lesson Planner
pdfQuarter Planner This is the basic weekly homeschool planner which has 5 columns and 8 rows. The header space has a place to write the child's name, grade and year.
docBasic Weekly [doc]
rtfBasic Weekly [rtf]

The blocks are approximately 1" tall x 1.25" wide.

Lesson Plans


Header: Lesson Plans
Sub-header: Class, Grade, Name, Year

Pretty details on this one

From Portfolio Planner

Lesson Planner Header: Class Schedule, Sub-header: Name, Class

pdfClass Schedule
text fileClass Schedule [Typeable PDF *ReadMe]
doc or rtfClass Schedule [doc]
doc or rtfClass Schedule [rtf]

Keyed, 4-pages

pdfClass Schedule
docClass Schedule [doc]
docClass Schedule [rtf]

Header: Class Schedule
Sub-header: Name, Class
Doc and RTF files may be edited.

From "by Columns"

9 Rows: pdf filePDF  doc or rtf fileDOC

9 Rows: pdf filePDF  doc or rtf fileDOC

From Alexia Homeschool Planner

Alexia Lesson Planner 5x9

pdfSchedule 1-page docDOC docRTF oooODT

pdfSchedule 4-Pages KEYED docDOC docRTF oooODT

Heading: Quarterly Schedule
Sub-heading: Name, Course Title, Date, Books/Materials

From Garamond Collection


4 Pages

pad fileClass Schedule
doc or rtf filedoc

Header: Class Schedule
Sub-header: Name, Year, Grade, Class

From the Colonial Planner

Colonial Planner Quarter Planner

4 pages - KEYED

pdf fileQuarterly 5-Columns

Header: Quarterly Lesson Planner
Sub-header: Name, Year, Grade, Class

From Papyrus Planner

The two papyrus 5x9 planners are almost alike. One has a PDF fileruled bottom margin and PDF filethe other one doesn't
Header: Quarterly Planner

quarter plannerquarter planner

From Marble Homeschool Planner


The marble planner is what I made with a paint program some time after I learned how to use the fill in a masked area. Isn't it pretty?

pdfQuarterly Assignments

Header: Quarterly Assignments
Sub-header: Class, Date (through)

Gray Quarter

gray weekly

Gray Quarter
Header: Name or Subject, Date

This planner has a matching weekly planner (5x8)
Gray Weekly
Header: Name, Date

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