6 Divisions in Either Direction

The lesson planners that I am going to link on this page will have 6 divisions in either direction.

3 Edwardian Planners - Ruled


PDF fileEdwardian 6x7
PDF fileEdwardian 6x8
PDF fileEdwardian 6x9


2-Page Ruled Planner - 6x5

6 planner columns, 5 planner rows, and one wide list
2-Page Ruled Lesson Planner - 6x5
PDF file6x5 2-Page Planner
This planner has dashed ruled lines and pointy fingers. The words on it are Date and Subject

5x6 and Ruled

5x6 Ruled and Blocked Lesson PlannerPDF fileObjectives/Methods/Materials

This planner has a 5x6 grid and a ruled top.

Based on my choice of words, this planner must be a subject planners, but it doesn't have to be used as one.

from the Colonial Planner Set

readIf using the doc fileDOC formats from the Colonial Planner Set, you will need to either install the provided font or change the fonts.

plan list 6 rows Colonial Planner Plan List - A journal type of planner - This planner has a large square at the top with a list right of the square and the bottom portion of the page has 6 rows for planning.

pdfPlan List - 6 Rows

assignmentsColonial Planner 6x8 Block Planner

pdf file Lesson Planner 6-Columns

quarter plannerColonial Planner 6x9 Quarter Planner - Can be used for master plans, read about using Quarter Planners at: Using the Homeschool Quarter Planner

pdf fileQuarterly 6-Columns

semester planerColonial Planner 6x18 Semester Planner - Semester Planners are subject planners that are used for master plans.

pdf fileSemester 6-Columns

from Garamond

Garamond 4-Page Quarter PlannerPicture is the a 4-page keyed quarter planner. The planner has a 6th column that can be used for notes or for another day of plans.

pdf fileQuarter Planner 6x9 on each page - 4 pages - Keyed
doc or rtf filedoc
doc or rtf filertf

pdf fileWeekly Planner 6x7
doc or rtf filedoc
doc or rtf filertf

from Alexia Planner

Alexia Schedule 6x9PDF fileAlexia Schedule 6x9 - because this planner has 9 rows, it could be also used for a quarter planner, however; it is technically not a quarter planner because it has 54 blocks, but if your school term quarters have more than 45 days, then this planner might fill the need for your longer than standard quarters.

Alexia Planner also has planners with up to 12 rows. Alexia Planner is second to by Columns in having the oddest assortment of column versus row quantities.

From Plain Set

From the plain set planners I have a 3 "6x" planners.

Plain Set Lesson Planners

From by Columns
a One Year Dated 6-Column Planner

6-Column Planner that Starts in July
6-Column Planner that Starts in July

very plain has ruled columns - subjects would be "fluid"

The link goes to the planner's page. I linked it thusly so you'd go and read the printing instructions. This is one that should be printed back to back in a certain way.

6x6 Assignments

6x6 AssignmentsI'm not sure what I was thinking when I made this planner- chains?, bubbles? It was only when I finished it that I realized I had made a 6-column planner, a first for me. Not first in not knowing what I was doing, but first in making a 6-column planner.

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