Nature Journal- Specimen Page

This specimen page features a dogwood blossom that I pressed in the spring of 1996.

The specimen page was made from a sheet of white paper cut in half. The specimen window size was determined on a factor that I cannot remember at this time and the window was trimmed from the white piece of paper.


trimmed pageThe specimen window was made from the trimmings from the top of photo album page that I used when making this: Nature Journal Specimen Page - Leaves. I trimmed off the third window from the photo album page and framed the upper two windows in pink acid free paper. I used tape to put it together.


Press leaves and flowers in an old phone book or between several layers of newspaper / newsprint. Put the book in an out of the way location. Place a flat item on the old phone book or the stack of newspaper and place a heavy object on top. Thin specimens take about 2-weeks to dry and thicker plants take a little longer.

Dried leaves and flowers can be mounted on acid free paper that is heavy enough to support them with white glue.

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Donna Young
September 29th, 2008

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