English Ordinal Numbers

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Ordinals used in these worksheets are first, 1st, second, 2nd, third, 3rd, fourth, 4th, fifth, 5th, sixth, 6th, seventh, 7th, eighth, 8th, ninth, 9th, and tenth, 10th.

Grade level: I'd guess around 2nd grade.

Number Match

Beetle Ordinals 1
Beetle Ordinals 2
Beetle Ordinals 3

Ordinal Numbers, Cards

English Ordinal NumbersCut the cards apart and instruct your child to trace the letters and then arrange the cards in the proper order.

Ordinal Numbers, Cards

Beetles in a Line


Draw a line from beetle to beetle staring with the first beetle and ending with the tenth beetle.

Draw a Line from Beetle to Beetle


Ordinals - Match the Numeral to the Word


Cut the printed worksheet in half.

Match the Numeral to the Word 1 & 2
Match the Numeral to the Word 3 & 4

Ordinals - Which Beetle is First ...

Ordinals 1st through 10th

Which beetle is first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth?

Which Beetle is First #1
Which Beetle is First #2
Which Beetle is First #3

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