Programs that can run Grades and Attendance

Microsoft Excel fully supports G&A, however, OpenOffice, a free office suite, will support the Whole Number G&A.

About Grades and Attendance Choices

There are two score-entering versions... point based and whole number. Out of these choices, you have the choice of a 2-weights weighted version or an unweighted version. YoungMinds, my website that is on the site cd contains a third choice of a 3-weights weighted version.

Help Files


Year-Round School:


  • Printing:
    Before printing,always check Print Preview first.
    This page also tells how to set print area for a sheet.
  • Protect the pages:
    Don't accidentally delete any of the formulas. Protect the pages after setting everything up.


Can I have the password for the calendar?

No, if I have password protected a sheet in a workbook, then I did it for a good reason. I will not give out passwords.

Help Pages

Set Up: Quick Start Guide - Information Tab | Subject Tabs - Adjusting the Grade Weight | Subject Tabs - Credits | Set up Your Grade Scale | Enter Attendance - Calendar Tab | How to Change the Date on the G&A Calendar |
FAQs: FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions | I can't see the Tabs: Minimized vs Maximized | Print Preview and Printing | Timing and Placing the Scores | How to Unprotect and Protect a Sheet | Not Using the Grade Weight | Year-Round Schooling Changes - Change number of months in school year. | Year-Round Schooling Changes - Changing the Semester in Print

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