Year-Round Schooling Changes

How to Change the Formulas to a 6-month 1st semester and a 6-month 2nd semester

Go to the Print Tab

The attendance counter on the Print sheet is coded to a standard 5-month first semester and a 5-month second semester. The code is linked to the Attendance sheet. If you school year-round, then this will not work for you and you will need to change the formula.

Changing the formula is easy because I am providing the code. All you have to do is copy and paste the code into the proper cell. Below are images of the two places where the formula has to be changed.

First Change the formula in the cell under the words, Sem 1. This is cell D25.
Click on cell D25 and copy this: =SUM(Attendance!C4:C9)
Paste the formula into the box next to fx OVERWRITING the old forumla.
Press enter
The image shows the original formula.

Now click on cell E25
Copy and Paste this into the box: =IF(SUM(Attendance!C10:C15)=0,"",SUM(Attendance!C10:C15))
Press enter.
The image shows the original formula.

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