Timing and Placing the Scores

Timing grades with the year.
Should I put grades in specific cells?

Yes, the image below shows where to add grades that were earned during certain periods in the school year. If image is small, click on it to see full-sized image.


Notable Points

There are 180 cells for daily grades and 36 cells for tests/special grades.

Enter the grades in sequence without spaces or by some sort of date system (the fifth column could represent Friday for instance). A comment regarding a particular grade entry can be added to any of the cells.

In the far right side of each subject worksheet, the grades will average in several ways, plain averages for the daily and test column, quarterly averages and 6-week averages.

You can add more rows if you need them. The formulas will adjust automatically as long as the sheet is unprotected when you add the rows.
To add a row, 1. Unprotect the sheet, right-click in the row numbers on the far-left hand side of the sheet in the area where you need a new row. 2. Choose Insert.

If inserting rows, be sure to insert the row where you need it, not necessarily at the bottom, but where you need to add more cells for grades for the certain term in the school year. As always, when making changes to G&A, check the formula to make certain that it changed to reflect the new rows.

Help Pages

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