Subject Tabs - Adjusting the Grade Weight

  1. First decide if you are going to weigh grades.
  2. Decide per subject how valuable the grades for each section will be.
    There are generally two sections: daily work and tests or "special": projects, quizzes, tests. If you are using the 3-weight planner (on YoungMinds cd-rom) then you will have 3 choices. What if you do not want to use weights? Go here to find out how.
  3. Enter the weight at the bottom of the sheet. See image: The red numbers are the weight, just type regular numbers please.

  4. The total must be 100 or you will get a warning message: (This may not apply in all versions of Grades and Attendance)

  5. Enter the weight for the grades in all of the subject sheets which you are using.

To not use weighted grades in all subjects see this page: Grade Weight

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