Information Tab

  1. Open Grades and Attendance with your Microsoft Excel program.
  2. Make certain the file screen is maximized.
  3. You should be on the front page of the file. The tab name for the front page is, Information. If you are not on the Information page, go there.
  4. You will type in the fields which are white.
  5. Type your school name.
  6. Type your child's name (the grade book is for one child)
  7. Type the month and year when you will start school (do not type in the gray box. Shown below with May 2008).
    When typing enter the date in number format. For instance, type 08/01/2014. Start the month on the first day of the month regardless of your school's first day.
  8. Type in the subjects that your child is taking for the school year. Note: All of them do not have to be filled.
  9. Change the picture to something else. I usually add a picture of the child. You do not have to do this part now. Note: You will have to unprotect the sheet to change the picture.

That is all of the basic set up for the Information Tab.

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