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If you have browsed the Homeschool Planner section of, you might have found that there are different types of papers that make up a homeschool planner. There are papers for the Lists that you need, forms for Administrative purposes, and finally the Lesson Planning Forms.

This is where to find the Printable home school lesson planning forms, see also Sets. The 3rd row in the menu contains links to different types of lesson planning forms.

The Planner Guides

1. Weekly Planner
2. Subject Planner
3. Journal Planner

There are four basic lesson planning form types-

  1. Daily and Weekly Planners
  2. Term or Subject Planners
  3. Journals, "Journaling"
  4. Unit Study

Within these four groups are a variety of planner layouts with various quantities of rows or/and blocks. I have more than 4 links in the 3rd row and below is a short description of each of the links.

The Lesson Plan Form Types and Styles

A List with Short Descriptions of the Pages with the Printable Files

Index of Lesson Planners

is a new area, as of November 2010, that I will work on every now and then. The purpose of Index is to offer you another way to browse my homeschool planner forms.

Weekly Lesson Planners doc files PDF files Typeable PDF files

Weekly Lesson Planners

Schedule a Week of Lessons for all Subjects

Although I have more weekly lesson planners than those linked on the Weekly Lesson Planner page, this page presents an assortment of basic and not quite basic weekly planners. The weekly forms are sorted into four categories.

  1. One-Page Weekly Lesson Planners - popular Edwardian and The Planner List
  2. 6-Day Weekly Lesson Planners
  3. Two-Page Weekly Lesson Planners - My favorite type of weekly planner
  4. One-Page Lesson Planners for Two Children

Weekly Lesson Plan Forms

Term and Subject Lesson Planners doc files PDF files Typeable PDF files

Printable Files - Term and Subject Homeschool Planners

Term and Subject Lesson Planners - Related - Homeschool Subject Planner

At some point in our homeschooling years, I started planning each subject separately for the entire year. I made for myself special planners and named them "Subject Planners" and to those with a certain quantity of cells, I named those quarter planners and semester planners. I also made some special subject planners for multi-part classes and classes with lab. I suppose because I made these out of need, I found them to be the most useful sort of lesson planner. The term and subject forms are sorted into five categories.

  1. Quarter Planner - These have 45 cells per printed page, which could equal one quarter of a school year.
  2. Semester Planner - These have 90 cells for lesson plans per printed page.
  3. Six Week Planners - Although I do not recommend adding dates to a subject planner, this one has 6 rows of cells, which it most people would seem like a 6-week planner, but it's better if you think of it as a 30-cell planner, which could be used for thirty lesson plans.
  4. Science Planner - I share my apologia lesson plans online and I created a science planner that suited this sort of class - one with reading assignments, lab assignments, and a place under each row for comments or a supply list.
  5. Grammar and Composition Planner - I call this a grammar and composition planner because that is what I made it for -- for me, but you can use it for any class that has three or more parts.

Subject Lesson Plan Forms

By Columns - Mix and Match Lesson Planners doc files PDF files

Printable Files - Donna Young's Column Planners

-a popular set because of the many choices that you have. By Columns is a mix and match set.

The Column Planners

Daily - Plans for One Day doc files PDF files XLS files

Printable Files - Daily Lesson Homeschool Planners

Lesson planners that are designed for the purpose of entering lesson plans for one day. Using them that way is optional.

dated daily planner

Row Planners PDF files doc files

Printable Files - Lesson Homeschool Planners with Rows

A row planner uses a different planning strategy. Rather than entering lesson plans in daily chunks, enter them in weekly or greater chunks.

planner surrounded by a calendar

Homeschool Journal doc files PDF files

Printable Files - Journal Pages

At Journal you will find printable ruled paper. Some of the papers are plain, some have headers, some have borders, and some are decorated.

Homeschool Unit Study doc files

Printable Files - Unit Study

This page is a general outline of creating a unit study.

Excel Weekly XLS files

XLS - Add dates and Subjects to the Weekly Planner Before Printing

XLS file: To use Excel Weekly, enter the student's name, subjects, and start date for your school and this information is spread over 6 weekly planner pages and two objectives pages. Typing lesson plans before printing is optional.

For ultimate control of how your lesson plan forms look and if you have software that supports the file types, use the docdoc or xlsxls files. Being the paper planning type, I used the pdf files unless I wanted to type my child's name on the planner. I do have a few, very few, pdf's that can be typed on. They are marked with this icon: typeable pdf.
arrowTip: With the docdoc files, you can add a background image to dress up the file before printing.

ideaSee Also The Related Pages Below

Coordinated Sets: Not to confuse you, but be sure to look at the Sets before deciding which planners to print. Sets has planner collections that match. Three favorites are: Colonial Planner for Household and Homeschool, Garamond Collection, a Homeschool Planner, and Homeschool Portfolio Lesson Planner.

How-to-plan articles: For information on making simple lesson plans go to How To Make Simple Lesson Plans for Homeschool. This is the "home page" for a series of how-to articles that are about planning different types of books.

questionThe Planner that is Pre-filled via fill in the blank forms?: Portfolio X is a set, so you will find it in Sets.



This is the place where you can find all of the homeschool planner printables. All of my printables were made with some sort of software on my computer by me. It usually takes at least two different software products to make these printables, sometimes it takes four software products. All of my works are copyrighted although I don't make a big deal about that on the printable itself. I usually just put this web site's address on the printable in tiny gray letters so you will know where to get more printables.


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