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Lesson Format of drawing sheets Drawing Ia. Please note that the lesson format is replacing the old drawing printables. The old drawing printables will be removed at the end of June 2007. All formats are on the web site CD, YoungMinds.


School Calendars which have the starting months of Jan, June, July, August, and September. Months are listed across page instead of down.

Vertical Calendar: Each month is contained in one column Weekends and non-days are highlighted in color. These have a typeable header. Use them for your school calendar or for an attendance calendar.


Blank Top handwriting paper in color

I re-did the 133 Manuscript Handwriting Sheets site to add Manuscript Letter Animations. As of today, Sept. 8, 2007, I have 4 finished. I hope to add them at a rate of 2 - 4 a week, depending on time here at home.

I have added back some of my cursive letter animations. They are linked from  Cursive Handwriting Practice.


I have added a new How-to Plan page, this one features Easy Grammar: Planning Easy Grammar


New resources in History - Maps and Presidents. Two docs have been added: Declaration Of Independence, The Emancipation Proclamation, and Gettysburg Address


Correction: Fraction Manipulatives
Typo fixed in manipulatives. All of the printables were remade so that they would still be mix-and match, however, the new ones will probably not match the old ones.

100-Number Charts 9 new charts. Two charts per sheet. Each chart has a certain amount of random missing numbers.

Four new 100-problem addition & six new multiplication facts sheets are added: Math Drills - Basic


Column Planners
I removed these last year during my planner site makeover and because of resource shortages, but I have brought some of them back online.

New Checklist. The checklist is my children's most favorite form. The new checklist is also available as a spreadsheet

2007 Version of MS Excel Grades and Attendance and XLG&A Help Files

Directions for altering the Excel Grades and Attendance file so that grades can be reported quarterly.

Type-able PDF forms, seven of them, are scattered about in the Homeschool Planners section. They are identified by the icon shown above.

Added Back: The Saxon 7/6 grading form


Co-op Schedule for Exploring Creation with Physical Science 2nd Edition by Michelle Goodrich

3 new lab sheets for Exploring Creation with Physical Science. They may or may not be an improvement over the old ones.

Exploring Creation with General Science - The new schedule is finished. The Bookmarks for the new schedule are finished too!

New word lab form for Exploring Creation with General Science. In both rtf and doc format.

Exploring Creation with General Science: Added: A bit about Grading the Lab Book and Grade Weight.

Exploring Creation with General Science Worksheets and Study Aids: Scientists Notes: Student can take notes about each of the scientists, 7 pages. Includes a picture of all but two scientists and a space for notes.

Exploring Creation with General Science - Check lists of contents and lab supplies. Module One 3-week schedule revision suggestion.

A co-op schedule for Advanced Physics in Creation Schedule By Donna May

A schedule for: Exploring Creation with Physical Science, ed. 2 Please read the About for this schedule.

I have updated my  schedule for Exploring Creation with Physical Science, ed. 1 The bookmarks are updated as well. The main changes are: for one, the schedule is printer friendly, there is a word format file and of the actual schedule, additional drawing assignments are added.

Tweaked Coop Schedule for Exploring Creation with General Science
by Leah Mitchell

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