New at DY in 2011

Math Bingo - Addition and Subtraction

November 2011 - Math
addition bingoThe bingo games on this page are: Addition Bingo and Multiplication Bingo. There are six cards per printed sheet of paper. The cards are small, measuring just over 3" by 3.5".

40 New Math Drill Sheets

November 2011 - Math
40 New Math Drill SheetsI've added 20 new addition and 20 new multiplication drill sheets.

Animals of the World BookletAnimals of the World Booklet

November 2011 - Art
Animals of the World is a printable 32 page booklet. The student is to list animals and draw them in each of the 4 page sections for each of the 7 continents.

Drawing Assignment ThemesDrawing Assignment Themes

November 2011 - Art
A list of 21 themes for drawing assignments.

Personal Sized TimerDesk Size Planner: Dated Timer

November 2011 - Household
Basic Information: This is a timer for the desk-sized personal planner. The timer begins at 6 AM and ends at 9 PM. Each hour is divided into 15 minute increments. After 9 PM the remaining 3 lines are unlabeled.

New Set of Ruled Filler Paper - "Standard"

This is a new set of ruled filler paper. I call it standard filler paper because I used 3 standard rule sizes to measure the space between the lines. The sizes are wide rule, medium rule (college ruled), and narrow rule.

2012 Half-Sized Household Planner

is ready for printing.

Drawing With Children Lessons, Improved

When I redo my website, like I have been doing this year, I try to improve parts of it. In this case, I improved the Drawing with Children overview and lesson plan pages. Lesson 2 is the most improved.

Family Boot Camp

Lost from the web site and blog, I bring you the family boot camp article, added back by request.

Half-Sized Household Planner Calendars Updated

I finally remembered to update the calendars on this page. They were all about to expire. Now they are updated to the year 2013.

Ruled President Paper

I removed the old files that were on this page and replaced them with "ruled president paper." As you might guess from the title, the paper is ruled and includes a picture of an American president. The paper is available in two styles - 1. with no numbers and 2. with numbered rule.

51 New One Hundred Numbers Charts

On the page linked above, I added 51 new 100-number charts.

A lesson Plan for LifePac Electives Art Unit 4 - Perspective

doc filepdf filetxt fileThe lesson plans that I wrote below are minimal lesson plans, I did not require additional resources, the lesson plans are written for the one workbook AOP Art Elective Unit 4. -You can add more classes and resources than listed. I have assigned 17 class-time drawings....Read More

V Planner V.2 Is Available and Help Files

V Planner V.2 is available. V Planner is an XLS file and requires a compatible program such as MS Excel. Access to the file is gained from YoungMinds 2011+. Links to V Planner new/updated help files: Videos, S-Sheet Overview by Columns, Planners, Reports.

"Surrounded by a Calendar" Row Planners Updated

May 22, 2011 -Homeschool Planners - Row
While getting the site-cd updated for the V Planner, I noticed the nifty "Surrounded by a Calendar" row planners were about to become outdated, so I made a whole lot of them - up to 2025 for the Site-Cd; you'll find a more modest amount online.

Homeschool XLS Term Dates Calculator

Homeschool XLS Term Dates Calculator This item, the Homeschool XLS Term Dates Calculator, is an xls file that requires a spreadsheet program. With this file, go through 5 steps and on the 6th step, the calculator will return school term days.

ZB Handwriting Lessons

cursive handwriting worksheetsIn the section Handwriting > By Styles there are 52 new cursive handwriting lessons in a style similar to Zaner-Bloser.

YoungMinds - Site CD-Rom

Donna Young's web site cd-romThe site-cd, YoungMinds, is available for sale after having been unavailable because of our home repairs.

ZB Style Handwriting Worksheets

handwriting worksheets for the letter a in zaner bloser styleThis is a new Manuscript Handwriting Set. The letter style is similar to Zaner-Bloser. There are over 500 worksheets & the handwriting rule is approximately 14 mm tall.

62 Handwriting Animations

handwriting animations has 62 more manuscript handwriting animations. You can see them starting here: ZB Handwriting Animations. Includes both uppercase and lowercase.

What's New with Donna Young in 2011

Rotten Floors: The year 2011 brought many new things to me personally. Some of the things were a distraction from working on this website. Early in the year, we were midway through home repairs to fix rotten joists and sub floors, and finally we had a new tile floor installed. This was a big job and it took almost 3 months. During the entire time, I had no access to my usual work space or work computer because my office was a part of the area being repaired. I managed to produce the ZB set on an old laptop that my sister gave to me last year. I was teased by the carpenters for typing aaa, bbb, ccc, ..etc..

Retirement: My husband retired this year.

Tornadoes: Later we were in the April 27th tornadoes. Several tornados went through our town that day from morning to night, some of them were very powerful. In our county, over 500 homes were damaged and of those, almost 300 were somewhere between unlivable to destroyed. Nine people in this county died. We had minor damage from a small tornado that passed through our neighborhood that was parallel to an EF4 tornado that was passing through at the same time nearby. Because our power had been out for hours from earlier tornados, we had no idea what was coming our way until just a minute before it came through when my husband's sister called us to tell us that a tornado was headed our way. We sat (actually we stood) in the hall while it went by. We will never forget the sound of a tornado. It was loud and rhythmic - it sounded mechanical. We didn't hear the damage it was causing, all we could hear was the mechanical sound. It was a tense moment.

It turned out that an EF4 tornado went by just 1/8th of a mile away wiping out everything in its path, reducing trees to stubby leafless stumps. According to a neighbor who came knocking on our door to see if we were okay, a small tornado passed through our neighborhood and our backyard. It left a trail of damage in the neighborhood. It moved things around in our backyard, broke branches along its path and it pushed over a large tree in our yard. The picture below shows a tree that was pushed over during the tornado. The tree trunk was 12.6 feet in circumference. A piece of the tree was dropped on our back fence about 100 feet away, denting it. This tree "just" missed our house. It was over the house and behind the house. Several branches were just inches, 2 or 3 inches, above the roof. If you look closely at the picture, you can see the white line that is the edge of our roof.

SMART Scholarship: Amid all the chaos my son became an awardee of this: SMART Scholarship.'s New Web Site Design: At some point during the first quarter of the year, I redesigned my css framework that determines in what order the various page parts load and I tweaked the look of my website. As of today, August 25th, 2011, I have applied this new framework to around 2/3 of my web site. I have to redo each and every page individually. My goal was simple - I wanted the important parts of the pages to load first. The important parts are those parts that the visitor wants to see - the page content and the file links. I also needed to reign in the ugly fluid right column - to make it a fixed width, but I needed the content in the middle to remain fluid . I worked with those goals and finally succeeded. Maybe by the end of this year I will have the entire website converted to the new design. I need to finish because, like always, I have more plans for this web site that I'd like to work on.

New Computer: Even later (July) I finally replaced my old, yet working, 2003 computer with a new computer. I've not written anything about it yet except to a few friends, but it is quite a piece of work. Naturally, like my 2003 computer, my new computer did not come from a store shelf nor is it a name brand. I do not buy name brand computers for work. This is how I buy a computer - I choose a company that specializes in building computers, I look over the available options and research all of them. After researching everything, I make my choices and then it gets built.

Donna Young

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