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New at DY in 2012

3/29/2012 - I've spent the year so far and months of last year redoing the site-cd (YoungMinds), but I've managed to add a few things to the online website (

Cube Templates and How-To Pages

December 2012 - Art > Crafts
cubes- my son and I Word templates that may be used to create paper cubes with pictures. Each template makes a certain sized cube, there are 7 sizes. Use the cubes for education or to make photo cubes.
How to Pages: Working with the Pictures
Pre-folding and How to Cut the Cube
Folding the Cube

Gift Tag Page Changes

December 2012 - Art > Crafts
christmas tags 2 There are 3 new pre-made gift tag sheets, two are suitable for Christmas. The blank tag template has been redone to make it better. That's a pitiful description.

Spicy Popcorn Recipe and Recipe Card

December 2012 - Household > Recipes
christmas tags 2 The Spicy Popcorn page will be new to most of you. Today I updated the instructions to reflect exactly how I make the popcorn; I've been making it for years, and I added a 4x6 recipe card in the Microsoft Word formats of - DOC and DOCX.

Blank Undated "Dated" Calendar

November 2012 - Calendars > Monthly
Dated Undated Balnk Calendar Calendar shown here is an example of using the calendars. This is an undated "dated" blank monthly calendar. The blocks that should contain dates are bordered and the month and year is noted on the bottom of each page.

Fantasy Fudge Recipe and Recipe Cards

November 2012 - Household > Recipes
christmas tags 2 Fantasy Fudge from the Kraft Marshmallow label - Our family's been making this particular fudge for decades. The recipe is online and I added recipe cards, a pdf of 4 small cards and the typical 4x6 recipe card size in doc and docx.

13 Meals - The Repeating Meal Method of Meal Planning

November 2012 - Calendars > Monthly
13 Meals - a method a meal planning 13 Meals is a method of meal planning for a month that I started doing a long time ago. I based this method on the repeating meal. This method is best when a shopping list is also made as this typically saves money at the grocery store.

The Category Method of Meal Planning & the Running Records

November 2012 - Calendars > Monthly
The Category Method of Meal Planning - There are several ways to plan meals and ways to not plan meals. This page explains Meal Categories, which basically, is a record of meals. If you like keeping records, then this record of meals is something that you can refer to during those large parts of your life when you do not plan meals, you just make them.

Menu Planner

November 2012 - Calendars > Monthly
Menu Planner A menu planner in two colors - black and white, and blue and white. This planner allows you to keep a running record of meals and it has the typical menu planner files to go with it. Part of this menu planner is based on my category method of making meal plans.

Vertical Monthly Notebook Calendars

November 2012 - Calendars > Monthly
One Page Ruled Monthly Calendar Of course calendars continue to occupy work and I can't seem to resist making new calendar styles. This new style is a one-page monthly calendar that has ruled lines, most of which are dated.

Month on a Page Household Planner

November 2012 - Household > Full Sized > Month-on-a-Page
List Top - Month on a Page Calendar I came across a file that I had forgotten about. It is a "Month on a Page" type of calendar. This one is called List Top and I have a non-dated version of it at Calendars > Blank Calendars. Anyway, I made a whole lot of dated "List Top" calendars.

Printable Undated Calendars

November 2012 - Calendars > Blank
Printable Undated Calendars Requested: Blank Calendar in the Blue Calendar style and the Frame Calendar style. These files are placed on the Blank Calendar page at Calendars > Blank

Printable Horizontal Monthly Calendars

November 2012 - Calendars > Horizontal Monthly
Printable Horizontal Monthly Calendars The only dated "wall" calendar that I have was expiring this year (and I just removed it from the page) and I made another wall calendar to take it's place. It's made in the same style as the Colonial Set.

Homeschool Attendance Records

November 2012 - Homeschool Planner > Administrative > Attendance
over the river and through the wood fileAttendance H - an attendance calendar that can be used for several children. I made 3 versions of this new attendance calendar - one for 2 children (1 page), one for 4 children (2 pages), and one for 7 children (3 pages).

Prepositional Phrases

November 2012 - English > Grammar
over the river and through the wood file While working on the page, Prepositional Phrases, I added files for the Thanksgiving song by Lydia Maria Child: Over the River and Through the Wood. The pdf version has a ruled right side for anything that you deem useful.

3-Year Calendar

November 2012 - Calendars > 12+ Months
3-year calendar that prints on one sheet of paper 3-Year Calendar - Someone requested a 3-year per page calendar a few days ago and so I made the calendars and now they are online.

Easy Grammar - Preposition Bingo & Lists

November 2012 - Homeschooling > Games
Easy Grammar - Preposition Resources - Bingo and Lists Someone asked for a certain list of prepositions today and that led me down a trail that ended with making preposition lists and a short preposition bingo game that uses the prepositions from Easy Grammar grades 3 and 4.

Calendar Frame

October 2012 - Art > Crafts >
Calendar Frame The calendar frame is a simple calendar with months arranged across and down that frame a blank area that is in the middle of the paper.

Handwriting Rule Paper

October 2012 - Handwriting > Paper >
xls Dated Daily Planner Spreadsheet I made a new handwriting paper set - "2012 Set". The set includes rule sizes from 1" to 1/4" in 1/8th" increments in both fully ruled and blank-top. The 1/4" rule also comes in a "booklet". I added one more size - 1/4" Tall, a rule size that allows one to write tall uppercase letters.

Dated Daily Planner Spreadsheet

October 2012 - Homeschool Planner > Lesson Plan Forms > Daily
xls Dated Daily Planner Spreadsheet Someone recently asked me if I had a daily planner. I do, but today I had an idea for a spreadsheet file with which one can enter subjects and print daily planners, blank, with subjects and dates. I included a video that shows how it works.

Handwriting Rule Paper, Blank-Top

October 2012 - Handwriting > Paper > Blank Top Handwriting
xls Dated Daily Planner Spreadsheet Previously linked as one file, represented by nothing other that the raw file name, this set of 7 rule sizes, in blank top handwriting paper is linked, described, and pictured.

Composition Grader

August 2012 - English > Composition Grader
xls Composition GraderAn XLS file - The Composition Grader is a criteria based grader that is useful for obtaining a grade for written works such as lab reports, essays, etc.

1/2 Sized 2012 Menu Planner

August 2012 - Household > Half-Sized
1/2 sized menu plannerA new half-sized menu planner - these files are available in both printing settings of regular and booklet printing. See page for details.

Colonial Planner Attendance Calendar

August 2012 - Homeschool Planner > Administrative > Attendance
attandance calendarThe 3-page attendance calendar that matches the colonial planner now also starts with the month of August. Previously, it started in June and July.

Math Practice

August 2012 - Math > Math Practice
add or subtract promblem setsA new page with several math practice problem sets. Currently addition problems and a few subtraction problems. Each problem set has 10 problems and among the 8 printable files are 56 problems sets.

Cursive Handwriting Warm-Up

August 2012 - Handwriting > By Style
cursive warmup Three cursive handwriting warm-up printable files, each one has two sections. They are not meant to "go with" any particular cursive style, they are just warm-ups. The warm-ups are also linked at Cursive and Cursive Z.

Grades and Attendance II

August 2012 - Homeschool Planner > Administrative
Grades and Attendance XLS file A Completely New, Remade from the ground up Grades and Attendance XLS file! Supports up to 40 classes! Uses Course Types! Made for one student in grades up to 8th grade.

Apologia Home Page

July 2012 - Apologia
Lesson Plans for the two books (published by Apologia): The Human Body and Advanced Chemistry [2nd Ed.] are online. The lesson plans were made by Pam Cavitt. Thank you Pam! Plans may be downloaded from Advanced Chemistry and The Human Body. The plans are in the formats: PDF, XLS, XLSX.

Handwriting by Style - DN

April 2012 - Handwriting
handwriting practice The 1/2 rule height version of this set "DN" is finished. It has 3 parts - letter practice, number writing practice, and word practice using Dolch words. The set also includes matching blank-top and 2-lesson blank handwriting rule paper.

All Calendars Index

April 2012 - Root
calendar index This list of links will include every page at that has calendars - dated calendars, not blank ones. This list is as much for me as it is for you. I have to remember to update these calendars yearly and this list will help me check my files. I have also linked this page in the menu of the calendar section.

All Files - DY's Grades and Attendance

April 2012 - Homeschool Forms - Administrative
art index In all there are 15 different G&A files. That's a lot. This page is designed to help you choose one. This page is also an example of an ad-free page. I am considering adding an option for viewing my website without outside ads with a subscription. If you like this idea, encourage me via my feedback form.

HS Planner Index

April 2012 - Root
homeschool planner index In the right sidebar of the homeschool planner index, I have added a list of links to all of the V Planner help files. Additionally, I added this same list of help file links to all of the V Planner pages. Art Index

April 2012 - Root
art index I've updated the art index. Now it includes all of the pages in the art section as of today. Not only did I update this file, I have added a link to the index to all of the art pages, so that you are always one click away for a listing of pages while in the art section. English Index

April 2012 - Root
art index I have been updating all of the pages in the English section and, while at this job, I added an English index to Not only did I add this file, I have added a link to the index to all of the English pages, so that you are always one click away for a listing of pages while in the English section.

Exploring Creation With Physical Science - The Lab Write-up

April 2012 - Science - Apologia
art index I've been sitting on this page for a while. I have bigger plans for the discussion of labs, but not of them are hatched. This page is currently what I would call minimally basic in the guidance that it offers.

Language Arts Forms

April 2012 - English
art index This page brings together forms that can be used for language arts. The two that I used the most are listed first. The first one, a planner, can be for any subject that has three divisions. I made it for my children's high school English classes because the bulk of the plans for each day were in three parts --...

V Planner V2.5 Is Available

March 2012 - in Homeschool Planner
v plannerV Planner V2.5 is available. V Planner is an XLS file and requires a compatible program such as MS Excel. Access to the file is gained from YoungMinds 2011+. Links to V Planner new/updated help files: Videos, S-Sheet Overview by Columns, Planners, Reports.

High School Diploma

March 2012 - Homeschool Planner
diplomaI've added new typeable PDF high school diploma for 2012.

Exploring Color Theory -DY

March 2012 - Art
I removed the rambling from Color's home page and added a list of standards regarding teaching color theory for grades K-6. That certainly beats what was on the page, the rambling. I've already forgotten what it was.

Color Theory Assignment Suggestions

March 2012 - Art
The page is new, the assignments are either new or rewritten, or edited, or illustrated, or otherwise clarified, but mostly, the page is new.

Color Study Printables and Color Wheels

March 2012 - Art
Two new color wheels! A printable file named Boxes!

Edward Hopper - Compartment C, Car 293

March 2012 - Art
The paintings go along with the color theory section. On each page are two color wheels with samples from the painting. The samples are placed on the color to see if a color scheme was used.

Lab Sheets

March 2012 - Science
labWhile working on the delayed site-cd for 2012, I came to the lab sheets page and there I rewrote, updated files, and added new "2012" files. Then I updated the lab sheets page online because I've ignored that page for years.

Cursive Words

February 2012 - Handwriting
The second set is finally finished. I came across the unfinished set while working on the CD-ROM and decided that it would be a good time to get it done.
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